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Weight Management

Checking Weight

Why I believe diets don't work in the long term

Have you tried to lose weight in the past but found after a while the weight goes back on? This is something I hear a lot.


Often the word diet is associated with some kind of restriction - or rules around what you can or can't have. The risk with this kind of approach is that it can often lead to feelings of guilt if you 'cheat' or have foods that are deemed 'bad'. This in turn can lead to overeating, as a way to make yourself feel better again. Before you know it you are in the vicious circle of eat - guilt- eat more - more guilt.


How my approach is different

I try to steer away from any word that resembles 'restriction', or anything that praises one food and demonises another.  Using this approach can reduce feelings of guilt &  promote positivity.

My approach to weight loss is slow & steady, in line with NHS recommendations for safe weight loss. By this, I'm talking 1-2lb weight loss a week, where evidence has shown to be a more effective way of keeping the weight off for good. There's no magic wand or quick fix to successful weight loss. It takes time, a lot of dedication and effort, but it's definitely something that's achievable. 

Behaviour change is also a really important aspect to focus on, alongside diet and lifestyle changes. Many people describe themselves as 'emotional eaters' so it's important to delve a little 
deeper to try and get to the root cause of what may be triggering this behaviour.  Without addressing this area, then I feel we are only focussing on half the picture to achieve sustainable weight loss.

I don't offer specific meal plans, but instead, I will provide you with the knowledge and skills to empower you to be able to go away and make the changes for yourself.
No diets & no need to totally give up the foods you love. It's more about aiming towards healthier choices.  Think 80/20 rule - so 80% of the time striving towards a healthy balanced diet, and 20% of the time having a bit of what you fancy.


Combining physical activity, alongside diet and lifestyle changes, is also a key factor. 

I have developed a weight loss programme which will cover all aspects to enable YOU to achieve your weight loss goal....and keep it off for good

Please feel free to                      to discuss further

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Weight Loss ​Programme - how it works


My programme consists of 4 x 1 hour sessions over a 2-4 month period. Each session will cover essential steps to achieving successful weight loss, along with a personalised SMART action plan. Please see below to show what areas are covered in the programme.

Total cost of the programme £300.000

My programme consists of 4 x 1-hour sessions over a 2-4 month period. Each session will cover essential steps to achieving successful weight loss, along with a personalised SMART action plan

* Total cost of the programme £275.00 *


Behaviour Change

  • What's worked in the past, what hasn't

  • Pros and Cons to weight loss

  • Eating behavior - tips to eat more mindfully 

  • Emotional eating and strategies to overcome it


Discussion around the 3 key areas to long term sustainable weight loss:

  1. Regular eating pattern

  2. Healthy balanced meals

  3. Portion control



Running Shoes

Physical Activity & Lifestyle

  • Discussion of current activity levels & recommended guidelines.

  • Simple ways to increase activity to fit into your lifestyle

  • Ways to improve your sleep

Successful Girl

and more..

  • Setting short- and long-term weight loss targets

  • A range of useful resources, including meal ideas

  • Regular reviews of goals set 

  • Explore barriers and discuss solutions

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